When Don Felder hits the road next month for the 'Soundtrack of Summer' tour with Styx and Foreigner, one person who will likely not be attending is radio personality Don Imus. The morning talk show host had some harsh words for the former Eagles guitarist.

Felder was appearing on Fox News Channel's 'Fox & Friends' (which Imus repeatedly referred to as 'Fox & Fiends') and performed 'Hotel California,' a song for which he wrote the music. This apparently didn't sit too well with Imus, whose show is simulcast on the Fox Business Network. After about a minute, Imus asked that the music be turned off. While his sidekicks traded barbs, Imus collected his thoughts and then spoke.

"You can be the Eagles," he said. "You can be Don Henley, you can be Glenn Frey. You can sell a couple hundred million records, you can make all that money, and still have to deal with that. You still have to deal with Don Felder going on 'Fox & Fiends' and singing your song. And the way he looked, that smarmy look on his face...I'll never be able to get that out of my head."

Listening to the clip, we don't really understand what Imus and his crew were so incensed about. The song was simply dropped down a few steps to suit Felder's register. And while Felder may not be as good a singer as Henley, his performance was nonetheless in tune. Judge for yourself in the video above.

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