On Facebook Today, I came across a post from Kayla Navarro. Kayla is the General Manager for Manny's Sports and Entertainment Bar on the west end, and she shared that Manny's had been broken into yesterday around 6 AM.

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A Double-Whammy At Manny's

According to Kayla, the first break in was bad enough. But just today, in talking with her about this article, she let me know Manny's was broken into AGAIN last night. Two nights in a row! Now that is quite suspicious.

Careless Thief

In the second video, you can hear the security system BLASTING, and this thief clearly does NOT care. Kicking chairs out of the way, knocking over a Halloween decoration, and moseying their way back out.

Kayla said in the post that the first thief threw a large rock through their glass door to gain entry.

At this time, nobody has been caught, however if you know the person in the video or have information related to this break in, please contact the Billings Police Department.

Crime City, USA?

Has Billings become the crime hub of Montana? I think so. Just this weekend alone, we've had a homicide, shooting, and a man hit by a car while walking (and that is just what the police have shared with us)

There's a website called CrimeMapping.com that caught my attention when I moved to Billings 4 years ago, and I figure why not share it with you. It sheds light on what the Police Department IS sharing, versus what they are not sharing.

Click the button below to view the crime map, and see ALL the crime in the last 7 days alone.

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