This afternoon, in wrapping up for the day, I came across a post on Facebook from City Towing... This is strange, as on MY feed I don't think I have EVER seen a post from a tow company. So, imagine how fate works... when that post is City Towing announcing the THEFT of one of their TOW TRUCKS.

How In The Heck...

Here at TSM Billings, we know a thing or two about stolen cars. Heck, in October 2022, some really cool guy stole the Mix 97.1 HOT PINK AND WHITE station vehicle. That didn't last long, thanks to a few friends of ours who spotted it in Ballantine.

At the time, we thought THAT was a crazy feat to pull off. But now, this one takes the cake.

City Towing Tow Truck MISSING

Around 3 PM today, City Towing shared on their social media feed...

BOLO stolen from Holiday Gas Station on Zoo Drive...

They included a photo of the truck, which we used in the main image, but a bigger image is below.

The license plate is "City 10", and the truck in question is a 2001 Ford F-550.

Credit: City Towing
Credit: City Towing

If you have spotted this tow truck, please contact the Billings Police Department immediately at 406-657-8200, or call the City Towing office at 406-259-2121.

What are your thoughts?

Can you believe someone had the stones to steal a tow truck? Have you had a vehicle stolen? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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