Is it time to downsize?  My wife and I have been having this conversation for a few months.  We have reached an age where we don't need a big home.  Most of the kids are grown and on their own.  We really just live our lives in a few rooms, so why not downsize?  She would like something smaller in the country on a few acres.  I, on the other hand, suggest that we just buy one of those sheds you see on a main drag in Billings that has a little front porch.  She can have the left side and I will take the right. All I need is a bed, TV, bathroom, and microwave.  I have this feeling I'm going to lose the discussion.  After we get done talking about our ideas, it gets quiet.  I ask her what she thinks about the whole situation.  We just smile and say, "We have a nice home with a roof over our head." Makes me feel good.  I'm also smart enough not to bring up the fact that the sheds on the main drag in Billings have roofs too!  That's right, I'm a thinker AND smart.

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