My wife and I went to the Parade of Homes over the weekend.  We've had this ongoing thought that maybe we should look at downsizing.  Going to the Parade of Homes would give us some ideas of what we would want in our possible new downsized home.  It's amazing how we agree on the features we liked and didn't care for.  We like this certain kitchen, another had a great dining area.  We like the idea of getting to the patio from the living room and an access from the master bedroom.  We like the look and function of another homes fireplace.  With all of the walking on Saturday and taking off and putting on your shoes to go in the homes, traveling all over the city, by the time we got back home we were wiped out.  I sat down in my familiar chair and turned on my familiar tv.  My wife sat in here familiar chair and read a book.  Maybe this downsizing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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