Favorite body part?  Probably depends if we are taking about food or the object of our affection.  What do you think the list is missing?  What would you put on yours?

  • 1

    ZZ Top - Legs

    I know it's obvious but I just don't see how it couldn't be No. 1.

  • 2

    AC/DC - Kick In The Teeth

    Yes, from legs to teeth.  Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth.

  • 3

    Dokken - Tooth And Nail

    Sorry, still stuck in the mouth area.

  • 4

    Spinal Tap - Big Bottom

    Hey, big butts are in.  Wait, how did Spinal Tap know that would be the case?

  • 5

    Queen - Somebody To Love

    I think in the end, forget the body.  We just want somebody to love.