Winter is on its way fast, and that means lots of time to stay inside to practice your instrument where it’s warm and cozy. Whether you’re a guitar player, drummer, bass player, strings, horns, whatever, you need to make sure you’ve got all of your gear in order before you can take advantage of all that jammin’ time. We’ve got the four places in town that will have all of your music needs covered. Make sure you drop by these stores and get your chops up this winter.

  • Hansen Music

    1819 Grand Ave Billings, MT 59102 406-245-4544

    A staple in the music community in Billings, you know that these guys have your gear and repair needs covered. Bob and Art can quickly fix your instrument, or recommend a new one if you’re in the market for something new. If you’re a skins player, they’ve got all of your drums needs covered too. Of course, if you really want to concentrate on improving, don’t forget to ask about lessons.

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  • Guitars & Amps

    1827 Grand Ave # 2 Billings, MT 59102 406-254-1399

    If you’re already at Hansen’s, you might as well hop over to Guitars and Amps too, given that it’s right next door. It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for some new equipment, because these guys will match or beat even the best prices you can find online. All of their gear is plugged in and ready to go, so you can plug and play your potential purchase before you take it home. If you’re planning on gigging soon, make sure you check out their PA’s and sound equipment, you’ll be ready for an all out US tour.

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  • Eckroth Music

    922 Grand Avenue Billings, MT 59102 (406) 252-2604

    Maybe you’ve got a tiny musician in the house looking to start band class. If that’s the case, make sure you drop by Eckroth Music, your band class headquarters. You’ll find all your mouthpieces, reeds, valve oil, percussion books, and everything else your little virtuoso will need to start mastering their instruments. Plus, if you think they won’t stick with it, you can rent their instrument until you’re sure that it is what they want to play.

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  • Kirk Violins

    1530 24th Street West Billings, MT 59101 (406) 254-0400

    Don’t worry strings players, we haven’t forgot about you! Get your gear at Kirk Violins. Violin strings and bows can be hard to come by in Billings, but these guys have you covered. Maybe you’re looking to join the Billings Symphony Orchestra this year? You can get your violin, cello, or bass lessons hear too, and you’ll be first chair before you know it.

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