I've always wondered how millions upon millions of people can live in crap holes like Los Angeles and hardly anyone lives in Montana. Sure the weather is better and the beach is close but it seems like the crime, smog and ridiculously high prices more than outweigh the benefits. Then I've wondered why half the country hasn't found out about our hidden paradise. Montana boasts the cleanest air, rivers, lakes, low crime, natural beauty, friendly people and relatively low cost of living. I've hesitated to write this particular blog because I don't want to give those Angelenos any ideas if you know what I mean. I have this theory that a fish living in a polluted lake doesn't know how bad he or she has it until they get to swim in a clean lake but once they experience it they never want to go back. I hope Montana never becomes as populated as even Washington State.

While the fate of our state as clean and quiet seems secure there are some Hollywood types who have discovered the gem that is the Treasure State so without further adieu, here is that list:

-Michael Keaton (Big Timber)
-Dennis Quaid (Livingston area)
-Huey Lewis (Stevensville)
-David Letterman (Choteau)
-Tom Brokaw (Livingston area)
-Bill Pullman (Whitehall)
-Howie Long (Flathead Lake)
-John Mayer (Bozeman)

I'm sure there are many more doing a great job keeping a low profile. If you know of others please post them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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