Why do so many of us get the heebie-jeebies when we're alone in the forest or wilderness? Primal fear? Evolutionary leftovers of survival instinct? When you're out camping and hear weird sounds at night, do you console the kids and tell them it's "Probably just a raccoon," when inside you are wondering, "What the heck is that frightening sound?" (as you double check for your firearm or bear spray). If you've ever been out hiking and suddenly fell uneasy, cold or get vertigo, do you just chalk it up to low blood sugar? Or... something else?

If you love nature and exploring the paranormal, you might want to check out the Paranormal Nature Mystery Adventure, coming up September 19. Hosted by herbalist and nature lover, Melissa Scianna and renowned Psychic, Danielle Egnew, this experience will take you on a two mile hike through rocky terrain in the hills outside of Bridger, MT.

Attendees of the excursion will meet at the Bridger swimming pool at 207 Park Ave East, at 1 pm on 9/19 before heading out on the adventure. Please bring comfortable hiking footwear, water, sunscreen, snacks and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The event website states,

You will experience spiritual places and learn about plants, history and prehistory, elementals, off-worlders and so much more! Join in the fun as these two joke together and learn from each other and share their experience with you!  

Fun! Nature + ghost stories and the paranormal sound like a great way to spend an afternoon. Get ticket info and make a reservation HERE.

Many of us know about the numerous "haunted" places around Billings. We want to know if you have ever experienced anything strange in the woods, at home or perhaps at an old farm house around Montana? Please share! You can reach out on Message Us button on the Hawk Mobile app or leave a message in the Comments.

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