I love a good Conspiracy Theory. Of Course, for it to really be a great Conspiracy Theory, you need a little bit of truth.

For years, some folks have believed in "UFO's" and "Space Aliens", and while we don't know for "sure", the Government has confirmed that "UFO's" do indeed exist and they really don't have a great explanation.

Different states have different legends about "things unexplained", but what about Montana?  Are there any great Montana UFO sightings?  Yes, yes there are and it's one of the best ones out there.

Back in March of 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Robert Salas a former U.S. Nuclear Launch Officer was doing his job monitoring the missiles six stories under the ground when he got a call for a guard on the ground.

"He calls down saying they've been seeing some strange lights in the sky making odd maneuvers, very silent, he knows they're not airplanes," Salas told ABC news

After a second frantic call from the same guard stating that there was an oval-shaped orange/red pulsating 30 foot in diameter UFO flying over the guards and the men had their weapons pointed at the object.

Photo by Ben Collins via Unsplash
Photo by Ben Collins via Unsplash

Soon after the nuclear missiles that He was in charge of, starting going offline according to Salas. Basically, they had zero control of the missiles as they went into an un-launchable mode during the time the UFO was hovering. While there was no harm done to the weapons, Salas said that it took until the next day to have access to them again.

Salas believes that the out-of-this-world visitors were trying to tell us something.

"I think it was simply a show. They wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message," he said. "My interpretation is the message is get rid of them because it's going to mean our destruction."

Back in 2017, Salas gave an interview to the Great Falls Tribune. He told the paper that he was ordered to sign paperwork that he could never talk about that night in March of 1967 just outside of Roy, Montana.

UFO landing at night in the forest with trees and stars.

Salas has written a couple of books about UFOs and still stands by his story and what happened that night, as do others that were there.

Salas is certainly not alone in his story.  In fact, there are several reports from both the United States and Europe of military officers talking about seeing UFOs followed by nuclear weapons going off line.

So? What do you think? Is it possible? I mean, I suppose anything is possible.

credit: ABC News, Great Fall Tribune

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