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We must be getting close to the 4th of July.   Here it is, the first day of summer and we have already had our first grass fire.  Tuesday, witnesses saw a car driving on it's rim on I-90, which of course sparked the fire in the Lockwood area.  Fire Crews and one helicopter battled the fire for about 3 hours before getting it under control.  Today, the Yellowstone County Disaster and Emergency Services placed an open burning ban into effect from Thursday at 12:05 am through Saturday at 12:05 am.  Apparently, the vehicle that is suspected of starting the fire, has not been located.  I would think that MHP would have been on 1-90 looking for a vehicle with no tire.  The owner might be a quick tire change artist.  I'm no expert of driving on a rim, BUT, I would think that would be something a person would notice for the obvious tilt of the car, the sparks flying and the uncomfortable sound of metal on asphalt.  Observe the burn ban!  A rain shower here and there doesn't help with the crunchy conditions.

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