Holy cow! Would you look at that!! This is my kid, filling out his very first job application. This is a big deal, because he honestly believes that he won't need a job when his Fortnite and/or YouTube star gigs make him rich and famous.

I've been telling him for months that there is no money in Fortnite. That argument worked pretty well until last weekend when that teenage kid from NJ won $3,000,000 in the first Fortnight World Cup tournament. Turns out you CAN make money playing video games. Although the odds are probably just as good as him becoming an NFL star.

Anyway, he applied for his first actual job as a 15 yr old. Hopefully he'll get it. I remember my first job (other than doing extra chores around the house for money, or babysitting).  It was working for a neighbor guy who restored antique cars and those old-timey player pianos like they have in Virginia City. I spent most of my days sanding stuff. He teased me and called me "buck a bolt Michael" because he thought I was so slow doing things that it cost him a buck for me to finish each bolt, lol. It was a pretty cool job and I learned a lot.  Shortly after that job, I landed my first part-time radio gig while still in high school. Been working pretty much full time ever since. Cause that's what you do, right? Work.

Hopefully my kid will get to see the benefit of working from now till he dies. What was your first paying job? Let me know in the Comments!

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