The reunion between Mick Jones and Lou Gramm that Foreigner fans have been hoping for could finally come to pass in 2015. Sort of.

The famously turbulent friendship between the two, which fractured for what seemed to be the final time after health problems forced Gramm out of the lineup in 2003, is back on the mend following a performance at their Songwriters Hall of Fame induction in June of 2013. According to Jones, he and Gramm have actually been talking about putting the finishing touches on some unreleased demos from Foreigner's Top 40 glory days.

"Lou told me a few weeks ago he's discovered a few songs we were writing in the '80s, but never quite finished," Jones revealed in a recent conversation with Classic Rock (as quoted by Blabbermouth). "We might take time next year to bring a couple of those out of the vaults ... It's a question of wading through them and finding a cassette machine to play them on."

He was quick to caution, however, that any work with Gramm would run parallel to Foreigner's ongoing commitment to Kelly Hansen, the vocalist who replaced Gramm after his most recent departure. "Kelly has dedicated everything to the band. He's phenomenal. So anything I do will be sensitive to that. If Lou and I do something, it'll be inclusive. No way will he replace Kelly," stressed Jones, who went on to daydream about "Something special where the old members can be involved. That would be cool. But nothing in the immediate future."

In the immediate future, the band's going to be pretty busy anyway, thanks to a series of live dates with Styx and Don Felder that the three acts have dubbed the 'Soundtrack of Summer' tour. Whatever recording Jones and Gramm have planned will probably have to wait until those shows wrap up in late July.

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