From additional armor capability in Syria, to live fire training exercises with coalition forces in Kuwait...if you want to catch a glimpse into what Montana National Guard soldiers are up to on their current deployment- here you go.

Several units are deployed right now, including the Montana Army National Guard's 1st of the 163rd (the 1st Combined Arms Battalion of the 163rd Cavalry Regiment). Many of the Montana Guard veterans from the early Operation Iraqi Freedom days may still refer to it as Montana's "Infantry battalion" since it is comprised mainly of the state's Infantry soldiers.

The 163rd has both a public Instagram and Facebook page. They have been sharing photos, videos, and more news for the folks back home to see a little bit of what is going on.

Recently, the U.S. military's Central Command (CENTCOM) shared a news release crediting the 163rd with providing additional armored capability in Syria. CENTCOM oversees forces deployed in the Middle East. CENTCOM particularly credited the impact of the Bradley Fighting Vehicles with recent success (for the layman a Bradley looks similar to a tank).

“The Bradleys quickly proved their worth last month in close support to the Syrian Democratic Forces who quelled Daesh’s attempted breakout of Ghuwayran Prison in Hasakah City,” said Lt Col Dan Leard, commander, Task Force Rock. “The unit has since turned south to support the SDF along the Middle Euphrates River Valley. There’s nothing in this theater that could stand against this company of Bradleys. They provide a supreme sense of confidence to our partners as they continue the fight against Daesh.”

Meanwhile, it looks as though troops back in Kuwait have been conducting some solid live-fire training. The 163rd is known as "Task Force Griz." Here's a photo after they reportedly wrapped up the Al Tahreer 22 exercise with the Kuwait Land Force's 6th Brigade.





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