Gene Heil

The following Hometown Hero was submitted by Patti Jones:

This is my Dad, he served in the Navy. He passed away in April. My life is not the same with out him, I don't want to live with out my Dad. He was a kind man, who loved to hug all the women, and he made earrings for little girls. He would look to see if they had earrings on and if they did, he would call them Sam or George! Then he'd ask their mom if it was ok to give them the earrings. It made his day to see the smiles on the little faces!

He had several nicknames, but the two our family called him was Horse's Ass and Grumpy. His grandkids loved to call him Grandpa Horse's Ass, because the could say ass and get away with saying a bad word! Grumpy was another nickname, but he was never Grumpy he was always a happy man! I miss my Dad (my Hero)!

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