The following Hometown Hero was submitted by Bill Callahan

My uncle Bob Jarvis served in The U.S. Navy during World War II. He and his twin brother Dick enlisted in the Navy in 1942. They both went to boot camp and then trained as anti-aircraft gunners. At that point they were assigned different ships.

Dick was assigned to a fleet tanker The U.S.S. Cacapon. Bob was assigned to the PT 510. After extensive training off the Florida coast, The 510 was shipped to Scotland and participated in D-Day. In August of 1944, all surviving PT's were polished up and turned over to the Russians.

Bob finished the War in The Pacific Theatre of various ships. He did not return home until 1946! Until he passed on, he remembered those days in June 1944 being shelled by German shore batteries with both pride and thanksgiving...pride to have served his nation and thanksgiving for having "made it through".

Thank You for serving, Uncle Bob!

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