Today is a big day at my house. We've finally decided to get rid of our cable service and switch to just the internet and go with streaming for TV. This is a big deal because I honestly liked cable. Call me old-school, but I liked having one remote. I liked being able to watch all my normal channels on the normal channel numbers in real-time. I liked not having to subscribe to Hulu, Disney+, Roku, Netflix, YouTube and all the other various content services available just to watch the shows that I want to see.

So, why did we finally give up on cable? Plain and simple. Because it's become outrageously expensive. When there is a monopoly on service, you're kind of stuck with whatever Spectrum decides is a fair price. Our cable bill is was over $200 per month. That's over $2400 per year. Over the last decade, I've paid the cable company TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS just to watch mostly crappy reality shows, the Lifetime channel (my wife usually has the remote) and Greg Lamont on the channel 9 news. To me, that is no longer fair.

In full disclosure, my kid was just hooking up our Roku's last night so I have not experienced a post-cable norm yet. Give me a week and I'll let you know how it goes. Will I miss anything from old-fashioned cable? Will I not be able to watch any of my favorite shows? Will the streaming be smooth? Will I call Spectrum and beg them to take me back, shoving my $200 a month in their face? We'll see. I doubt it.

Look out cell phone plan. I'm coming for you next. Take our poll below. Cable or Streaming?

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