Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night to promote tourism in Big Sky Country.

Schweitzer made his way on stage in wearing his signature attire of a blue jeans and a bolo tie.  He talked about growing up in Montana and some of his past accomplishments.  Schweitzer even gave the Bobcat Nation in Bozeman a shout-out!

He encouraged New Yorkers to visit Big Sky Country with a new non-stop flight from Newark to Bozeman.  Schweitzer has been in New York over the last couple of days to promote tourism in Montana.  As part of that promotion, the state has partnered with Watkins and Shepard, a Montana based trucking company, that will deliver goods to the Big Apple and sport billboard-sized ads that show the best Big Sky Country has to offer.

Letterman is one of Montana’s most famous part-time residents and owns a ranch near Choteau.

Last night’s interview wrapped up with Letterman asking Schweitzer what his plans are after he is out of office.

Schweitzer responded with, “I’m going to fish in the morning, drink whiskey in the afternoon and if someone calls me with a problem I will give them the phone number of someone who cares.”

Check out the full interview!


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