Today, as we are celebrating the 4th of July across the Magic City, I came across this post online from a spot that was introduced to me back in 2019 when I moved to Billings.

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It always Hitt The Spot

Hitts The Spot Cafe, the go-to for every cowboy and cowgirl swinging into the sale barn, will close its doors at the end of July 2023.

My first visit was with a former employer here in Billings, as a "thanks" lunch for taking care of some immediate issues with our tower site. Walking in, you can imagine that Hitts The Spot Cafe is one of the few, true, Mom & Pop shops in town.

Greeted by the smell of the sales barn, you knew the food would be one to fill you up... gotta keep those guys and gals on the road after all!

A Somber Goodbye

According to the owners on Facebook...

After 12.5 years we will be permanently closing our doors. We have loved meeting new people and sharing our love for feeding people. But our time has come to an end, we are officially RETIRING!! Our final date will be 7/27. Please keep in mind we are running out of groceries at the same time so some items will not be available through the end and our service might be shortened. We will keep posting on Facebook what we are no longer carrying and if we are on reduced hours. Thank you to all of our customers we have met over the years and sharing your families with us.

Northern Ag Network's Ag Broadcaster Andy Schwab had the chance to interview Derek Hitt, and learned the Billings Livestock Commission plans to find a replacement for the cafe.

What are your thoughts?

Have you eaten at Hitts The Spot Cafe? Will you miss the cafe, or simply swing into McDonalds and call it a day? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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