Hi, I'm Hot Rod Thompson and to show my passion for bacon, I have written a poem to show how much I care. I'm so excited about Bacon Fest 2015. There's something about my feelings for the taste of the pig. I have gone so far with my passion for bacon that my wife is starting to question my dedication to her.

Bacon Fest 2015, please come quick, before I totally lose my mind. Even people at the station are starting question my sanity and over obsession with bacon. There is only one cure, no pun intended. I must get to Bacon Fest 2015 November 14th at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark. This will be the only thing that will save my soul. I was one of the first to get my tickets to this event at Shipton's Big R and you should too.

Watch the video below and you will understand fully the state of mind that I am in. Can I make it until the 14th? Only time will tell.