So, I rented a house unseen here in Billings, before moving.   Now, don't get me wrong I'm thankful that the people I rent from were willing to take my large dog.  If you have a dog weighing more than 100 pounds, you understand what it's like to find a place to rent.  Not easy, to say the least.

So, they are willing to take my large dog but the heat doesn't work in this house. Really!?  One wall vent works slightly and I'm not exaggerating.  Otherwise the owner left me two space heaters. Oh, the heating bill.  And, I hate to be cold.

How do you save money on your electric bill in the winter?  I will seal up all the windows but they really don't leak air, that much.  What are some other ways to save money on electricity for me this winter?  I guess I couldn't just sleep next to my large dog.

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