Do you even have to ask?  Of course I'm throwing a big Super Bowl Party!  The Denver Broncos are in it!  Peyton Manning is their Quarterback! I love them both!

So here's how I'm going to be celebrating the Super Bowl.   We've invited a ton of our friends that are Bronco fans( and even some SeaHawk fans) to the house on Sunday (Major Fun-day).  It's a potluck, so everyone is going to be bringing a little something.  Which I personally like.  That way no, one person is responsible for all of the food and I don't have to spend the entire weekend cooking alone either, ha ha.

However, I will be making a few special things of my own.  What are they?

1. Deviled Eggs-My own personal recipe.  The main secret to their success is to add bacon! Yes, bacon!  Bacon makes everything better! Try it sometime.  It's really good!

2. Frozen Italian Meatballs-I know it's the easy way.  However, I just recently found these at Costco.  They are amazing!  You can add whatever your favorite sauce is to them or eat them plain.  Either way they are awesome!

3. Potato Salad- I like to make a homemade potato salad from time to time.  It's delicious and nutritious! I learned this recipe from my sister, who learned it from her friend from Germany.  It's served warm(I know it sounds weird, but it's good!) and of course, it has bacon in it.  Yum!

Other than that, it's up to our friends to add to the menu.  Which I am looking forward to, as I love to try new things(especially ones I don't have to make!).

Now we have a big t.v. downstairs, but we are thinking there might be a few too many people here for just one.  So we will be bringing our other t.v. our to our upstairs living room and setting it up there.  This gives a lot more room for everyone to sit and watch the game.

For my friends with kids(they are always welcome at my house) we're going to have a gaming system set up in my son's room so that they can play and not be bored.  Pretty good thinking, don't you think?

All in all, I am expecting a great game.  I hope you are celebrating this weekends game as well.  It's sure to be a good time!

AM I missing anything?  Oh my goodness, If I am, let me know in the comments below!  And remember...GO BRONCOS!






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