Okay, so let's say you win $5,000. Awesome! Free money. Now, let's pretend for a minute you have no bills to pay, you don't like to travel, you have no kids or responsibilities to pay for and you can comfortably afford to basically waste the $5,000 on crazy stuff. Stuff you surely don't need, but sure would be cool.

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Ready? Let's spend that $5,000 in ONE CLICK. Check out this ultimate Swiss Army Knife. Perfect for the Boy Scout that never grew up, this has got to be a collectors item. There is only one available (used) and it can be yours for $4999.99.

Look at this stove. Pure appliance porn. I really don't know much about the Thor brand (because I'm not in the market for a $4,999 stove) but it has good reviews, enough BTU's to heat your house, and as is one sexy looking unit. Even if you can't cook, you'll certainly impress guests with the sheer amount of stainless this appliance will add to your kitchen.

Maybe you don't drink margaritas in the winter. I do. Don't judge.  If money were no object I would SO need a professional grade frozen margarita machine. This one is priced at $3499, well under $5,000. Which leaves you an extra $1500 to spend on one of their "four tasty flavors, sold separately".

Since I'm rolling in money like Scrooge McDuck, you better believe I'm getting a drone. Will I start out with a cheapy one to learn how to fly first? Nope. I'm going to go big with the $4675.00, custom-built FlyByCopters 4K UHD Hexacopter Drone/UAV with AutoPilot.  I don't even know what that means, but I'll learn. Hopefully, before I wreck in into Sacrifice Cliffs.

TV prices have really come down the past few years and you can get a pretty nice tv for like $1,000.  And "normal me" would ever pay $4,498 for a television. But we're trying to spend $5,000 with one click and money is no object... so you're darn right I'd be getting a ridiculous, giant TV. Like this 85" Sony Bravia. Quick 4th-grade math refresher, 85 inches is over seven feet. Nice. And it's got more H, D's and R's in its title than I can decipher, so I know it's got to be awesome.

In all seriousness, if I won $5,000 I'd do what most of you would probably do as well. Pay off some bills first. Then, I'd be off to Vegas....




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