January 9th is Nerd Word Day. While no one seems to know the origin of this silly day, it's a great day for people who love words, writing words, saying words or generally trying to impress people with your ostentatious use of voluminous words. See what I did there? Words, my friend.

Even if you're not much of Word Nerd, word games are still pretty fun. I would guess the first word game you probably played was Hangman. I seem to remember it from like 1st grade. Hangman is likely politically incorrect nowadays and not played in schools anymore? You know.. because any reference to hanging is not cool. And even if it was, they would have to call it Hangperson, to keep it gender neutral.

So, if Hangman is out and Words With Friends is out right now because they got hacked, I thought it'd be fun to see what's out there in the world of word games. Other than Scrabble. Here are a five word games that look like at lot of fun.

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Say It Don't Spray ItThis game claims to be "VOTED the World's #1 party game for hipsters and people who hate hipsters". I already like it. Fun for all ages (there is an optional NSFW card pack available), this game combines fun game play with squirting water. One reviewer says,

When I first got this game, I thought how simple and was a little worried people would be turned off by the water thing. We only filled up the water to the first line and had a blast. I've played this game 3 or 4 times already and its still fun every time!


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Blank Slate. This is a clever party game where you try to predict what other players are thinking. It claims to be award-winning and reviews are generally positive.

I was surprised by this game. It was really fun and super quick and easy to learn. It’s great for all ages and can be learned and played quickly without tons of concentration, which is great when you have a house full of kids. The concept is easy, but you’ll be so surprised at how differently people think. We enjoyed it and would recommend it.


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Word Mines.  If word games are fun, then dirty word games are twice as much fun.  Ditch the kiddos and give Word Mines a whirl at your next adult game night. It's a "raunchy, dirty, word guessing party game" for 18+.  Reviewers claim it's a blast.

I can no longer go to a party or have a gathering without bringing this game!!!! It is SO much fun and guarantees the whole group to have such a good time and good laughs. I have gifted it to all of my friends!!! Such a blast playing Word Mines, you won’t regret it!


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Bananagrams. Scrabble can be fun, but the game can become really long and honestly, kind of boring. Think of Bananagrams as "Scrabble light." With no pesky game board to limit your word creation, this game moves quickly and is considerably easier for nearly all ages to play. Reviewers love it.

If you like Scrabble, you’ll love this game! All the fun without the restrictions of a board. No more waiting for slow players. It is extremely fast-paced and nerve wrecking but oh so fun! My family and friends can’t get enough of it. We’ve created multiple variations on the game to make it even more challenging and extreme. We love Bananagrams so much that we play into the wee hours without realizing it.

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Circle of Jerks. Wrapping up our list with another completely inappropriate, adult word game for those of us that appreciate quality swearing. The creators of this filthy language game state the game is "ideal for quiet coffee shops, Sunday Mass, or even a funeral." Add some booze and make it a drinking game. Dirty-minded reviewers say,

This game has been the best $18 I've spent in a long time. The amount of laughs we have gotten from embarrassing my brother-in-law while I explain to my mom what the Eiffel Tower means in the context of this game has been incredible. If you're at a gathering where you know the attendees can handle some mild sex jokes, then this game is the best ice breaker.

Winter is long... so put down your phone, bust out a game and have some fun with words, ya filthy Word Nerd!

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