When the weather turns cold like it did this week, it seems like it's a popular time to start cooking. Lots of people head to the kitchen to start warming up the house and warming up their bellies.

Baking seems to move up a notch on the priority list and there are just some foods that always taste better during cold weather:

  • A big pot of stew or chili always seems to work on a day like today.
  • There's always Mark's favorite and that is anything that will simmer in a crockpot.
  • Anything that will require the use of an oven is great because it also helps to heat the house.

Don't forget to keep the dryer running all day too, so when you pull those warm clothes out of the dryer it's instant warmth.

I'm guessing that restaurants will see fewer customers tonight because nobody wants to go out on a night like this. Your pizza delivery better get there in 30 minutes or less or it'll just be a freezer pizza.

The one great thing for us being thirty-plus miles out of town is you don't have to worry about getting the perishables home in a hurry. An extra stop won't hurt you a bit.

I have to tell you though, this weather doesn't discourage us from using the barbecue. We grill 365 days a year.

This won't last long so enjoy a day or two in the kitchen, next week we'll all be back to 20-minute meals so we can do other things, like calving...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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