If you think inflation is bad now, it looks like it will only get worse. Here's why: if our farmers here in Montana and Wyoming are paying more for energy, and more for fertilizer- then the cost of producing that food will show up in the form of even higher prices down the road.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo discussing inflation, fuel prices, and other input prices facing farmers and ranchers. He says the Biden inflation plan gets an "F."

Senator Barrasso: The president's come out with his plan to fight inflation. It's not a plan. It's an embarrassment. If a high school kid turned that in as an economics paper, they'd get a D-. But for a president to say that, at the time of record high inflation for prices for gas for groceries, he deserves an F because it's full of finger pointing, false accusations, and Maria- he takes no responsibility for his economic malpractice because that's what this is. He's missed the diagnosis for over a year and the American people have been suffering. And we've been suffering because he refuses to allow us to use the energy we have right here in America.

On Monday, a radio listener reported already seeing gas at $4.99 a gallon in Billings, Montana. Tim from Savage, Montana says he travelled from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Helena, Montana. He says gas in Jackson Hole was $5.79 a gallon. Gas was $4.99 a gallon through Idaho on his way up to Helena on Sunday. Yikes.

Full interview with Senator Barrasso and Maria Bartiromo:

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