Before most of us even had a chance to get one, Montana Millionaire for 2023 has sold out.

I got the text this morning from my Mom, who works for a gas station in Miles City, about the news... and found out from a coworker this morning that tickets, apparently, sold out in around 5 hours.

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Stupid Fast

When you think about it, and do a little basic math, you learn that they sold 380,000 tickets so fast... how fast exactly?

76,000 tickets PER HOUR.

1,266 tickets PER MINUTE.

21 tickets PER SECOND.

Wow, now that is STUPID fast! Hopefully, the Montana Lottery machines had a moment to cool down after printing at the speed of light today.

Why Was It So Popular This Year?

Compared to years past, the 2023 Montana Millionaire was a bit more special. This year, they introduced THREE $1,000,000 Grand Prizes... Two Early Bird Prizes... and there were a total of 4,100 instant win tickets ranging from $100 to $500.

Who Won Last Year?

Well, that isn't available anymore. Montana Lottery is no longer allowed to share the winner names of Montana Millionaire thanks to an update of our legislation. Though, the last named winner was in 2020 in Butte. You can find the list of winners online at

When is the drawing for the Millions?

The big drawing for all three $1,000,000 prizes will be on Tuesday, December 26th... so be sure to hold onto your tickets!

What are your thoughts?

Were you lucky and got a ticket? Do you care about the Lottery? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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