I wouldn't consider myself a feminist, but it should be a no-brainer that women be allowed the same rights as men when it comes to the outdoors. Having hunted and fished since I was little, rooting for women in the outdoors comes naturally.

Since moving to Montana from Wisconsin, it's been obvious to me that most Montana women who are into the outdoors are honestly a level above most outdoorsy men I've hung out with from Wisconsin (sorry, Dad).

So why in the world did Google tell me it was Montana law that single women couldn't fish alone? Was that a fact that I'd missed or was it so common no one thought to mention it to me?

There were a couple of hoaky sites that had listed such a law as "silly" but there were a few mainstream media sites that had posted it as well. Seeing it in multiple places, a small twinge of sad acceptance swept over me, being a single gal who loves to fish. I was dreading the thought of having to find a boyfriend just so I could fish legally.

With a few more Google searches straight to the source, I took a sigh of relief and giggled under my breath. Don't fall for the clickbait.

Montana's 2021 Fishing Regulations list no such law. Even the corrections for the printed booklet didn't publish any mention of banning single fisherwomen, even if it had been a second thought for the state.

But, in case this world gets crazier than it already is, I'll be the first to say let's never discriminate against who is allowed to fish in the state of Montana. Unless it's someone who has disturbed your honey hole.

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