Many Montanans will recognize the face of Becky Hillier, the talented TV broadcaster who anchored the nightly news on both KTVQ and KULR-8 TV stations in Billings. She also anchored a statewide morning show for a time as well.

Did you know that she grew up as a tomboy in Miles City, Montana and eventually became a Miss Montana beauty queen?

Becky Hillier now has a very cool gig as the Director of Communications and Media for the PRCA- the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Thankfully she still shares her wisdom, and a good news story or two, on her social media pages from time to time.

In a recent Facebook post, she talked about being a tomboy while growing up in Miles City, Montana, and then becoming Miss Montana. Given that today's day and age is such a tough time for kids to be kids, especially young ladies, I thought this would be a cool message to share here as well.

Becky Hillier: I was a fresh-faced tomboy when I won Miss Montana.
I suddenly found myself in a world that was so foreign to me, surrounded by people who seemed to pick apart every part of me.
One night my sweet traveling companion Joan told me something I’ve never forgotten.
She said, ‘your brain is like a computer. If you speak negative words about yourself, your brain will believe it and pretty soon those negative thoughts and words become reality. Your words feed your mind, so only feed it positivity.’
I saw this today and it made me think - very positively - of Joan!
Love you friend! ❤️

Here's her full tribute to her friend Joan:

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