The NFL season kicks off tonight with the Kansas City Chiefs at New England.  I've always liked football season.  I don't go out of my way to watch all of the games but I do have my favorites.  A couple of years ago my sister-in-law talked me into joining a fantasy league. (she was the winner that year)  I didn't realize how time consuming it would be.  Trading players every week is kind of important I guess.  Last year during the draft I was all excited until the draft actually came and went with my laptop pulling the blue screen of death.  So, I got what I got.  This year I spaced out the draft completely and got what I got.  I'm not sure if this for me.  I do love the game, I get into it, and follow it all season.  I'm just not sure if I want to keep losing to my sister-in-law in fantasy football.

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