You may remember this case back in 2013 which ended up getting national media attention, but here's a quick summary: a woman walked into a bakery in Oregon to order a wedding cake. When the bakery found out that she was marrying another woman, they refused to serve her, citing their religious beliefs. What followed was a years-long legal battle which has gone back and forth, and spurred a ton of discussion in the public about discrimination and the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.

The bakery was Sweet Cakes by Melissa, and it appears that rather than wait on any final decision from the courts in Oregon, they've decided to relocate to Montana instead. Back in April, the bakery announced that it was going to be opening its new location, and according to their Facebook page, they hope to be open by the end of July. Their recent post announcing that their sign was up generated a lot of debate in the comments, with some supporting the bakery for sticking to their beliefs and many others denouncing hatred and prejudice, declaring their intent to never shop there.

The new Sweet Cakes by Melissa is moving to Ronan, and the impending opening has already had locals finding ways to support other, more queer-friendly businesses instead. In fact, Ronan is actually getting ready to host their first ever Pride Month celebration at Ronan City Park.

If you're looking for ways you can support your community during Pride Month (and any other time of the year), here are a few LGBTQIA+ charities which could use your donation.

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