That's right, 103.7 The Hawk is happy to introduce to you all our new Dating and Love advice column. This new column will be run by our newest member of the writing staff - Barb the self proclaimed "Cougar". We ran into Barb while we were playing nickel video poker down at the local bar and lounge. It was four in the afternoon and we had blown off the second half of our day to take part in a "Off-site employee strategy meeting."

After pointing out what she felt was a "terribly piss poor betting strategy" she told us a little bit about herself. It turns out Barb is a former jet-setting airline stewardess who found her ex-husband in bed with Barista (fancy term for those people that sell you coffee) and has vowed to never remarry. She’s financially secure and prefers to date younger men who retain their vitality (use Axe body spray), aren't tied down (have enough money to spend on some really classy Ed Hardy T-Shirts) and have enough ink to make every sit-up look like a fleshy Rorschach test.

It was clear that Barb had a lot of wisdom  and experience, that she could pass along to our eager 103.7 The Hawk fans! She's ready to answer your questions about life, love, cougar hunting, and everything in between!

Got a Cougar Hunting / Love / Dating  / Relationship question for Barb?

Ask it right here using the form below and we will include it next week's Question and Answer session!

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