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Dear Cougar - because women like you tend to be more "experienced" when it comes to all of our male BS...are there any mind games or phony lines that still get by you occasionally or are you so honed in on that BS, you can sniff it out a mile away? Just Curious.

Dear Just Curious,

Let me give you a piece of advice that I want you to never forget. Don’t ever let anything come tumbling out of your mouth that you’re not ready to back up 100%! I’ve heard literally every line that’s ever been conceived. But unless you’ve got the goods to back it all up, then you’re nothing but abag of hot air. Honey unless you’re ready to take me for a wild spin, I don’t want to hear about how fast you think your porsche is. You put the keys on the table and pick up the check, you don’t dilly dally around. Actions will always speak louder than words.

Now that’s not to say there isn’t to be some chase to the game! Not by any means, that’s half the fun! But the key isn’t those bullshit lines, all they’re good for is proving to me that you don’t have the confidence and experience that every woman so rightfully deserves!

So what should you say to a woman? Compliment her! Be honest, sincere, and specific with your compliments. Trust me, women know the difference between a sincere compliment and whatever line your drunk buddies helped you come up with.



Hi Barb,

It always seems like when a relationship I'm in is ending that it's the woman breaking up with me. Everyone tells me I'm too nice and that women like to be treated like crap. They say the guys who treat their women badly are far more successful with the ladies. They also say women will never admit to wanting to be treated that way but that they gravitate to guys like that anyway. Is this true?

Dear Mr. Nice Guy,

First off you should know that if you lay down on the ground like a doormat, every woman around you will wipe off her feet on you.

As for the crappy treatment. No, this is absolutely NOT TRUE. You need to stop listening to people who are feeding you this line of crap. Would you wanted to be treated like this? Of course not, no one would. Look at the kind of relationships these so called men have. Are they with the same woman for any length of time? Or are they just rotating through them at a rapid pace because the women have finally had enough of the “crappy” treatment?

I do think that the 2 main things that women are attracted to in a man is #1. Confidence. #2 Personality. If you've got confidence and a great personality, it’s a killer combination. Good looks are a benefit physical attraction is important for any relationship to work, or begin for that matter. Be honest, be open, be caring, but BE confident too. No girl wants to date a pushover.

I do have to admit that sometimes, we ladies can get our arrows crossed when approached by a man. Sometimes we mistake arrogance for confidence  It happens unfortunately more than it should. But I can assure that once that determination has been made, I’m out the door quicker than a flock of young studs to Ladies Night at the bar.

So go forth and be a confident and caring person. The right woman will come along and when she does…Go Get Her!


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