Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers admitted he didn’t play the band’s Legacy of the Beast video game, on which their current tour production is based.

The game was launched in 2017 and their Legacy of the Beast World Tour began in May the following year; it’s set to run until Oct. 15.

“I’m not personally a big gamer, so I haven’t,” Gers told KNAC when asked if he’d spent time playing. “I couldn’t speak for the rest of the guys. But I don’t think my score will be hindering your high score. I think you’re well ahead of me!”

Nevertheless, Gers enthused about the Legacy stage production, which includes the use of a nearly full-sized replica Spitfire warplane. “It’s probably the biggest production we’ve ever had,” he said. “It’s all connected with the Legacy game, the mobile app, and it’s based on different worlds throughout the app. We’ve tied the songs into that. … I think it illustrates the interlocking worlds of the game and all the things surrounding it. It’s a great way to get our music out there, as well, so people can play the game and listen to the music. We’re not a band that gets a lot of airplay on the ‘commercial channels,’ as it were, so it’s a great way of getting our music out to the people and I’m all up for it.”

He added that the set includes "so many songs from the past – songs we haven’t played in such a long time. ... It’s a very varied set and it’s just incredible to play. It’s about the most enjoyable set I can remember playing in a long time.”

Gers said that even though Iron Maiden already delivered many shows, the tour still felt “fresh." “Even when you’re working on the production for these songs, it’s incredible," he explained. "I mean the backdrops and things that are happening onstage … it’s just incredible.”


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