I think if you asked "Do you think Montana is one of the hardest-working states in the country?" to a lot of people in Montana, you'd get a lot of different answers. It's a state full of self-made people and hands-on work, but it's also a state full of outdoor sports and leisure time and exploration.

I was a little surprised to find Montana a little bit on the lower side of this study from Wallet Hub, which ranked every state in the US from hardest-working to least-hardworking. We came in at number 28, just under the halfway mark - but honestly, I think that's a pretty good place to be! We're not stressing out over work constantly, but we're not slouches, either. I can dig it!

Number one actually went to our neighbors in North Dakota, with Alaska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nebraska rounding out the top 5. Different factors like employment rate, work week hours, volunteer hours and more were considered in the study.

And if you're looking to be lazy? West Virginia is the place to be, coming in at dead last on the list.

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