As I've suspected all along, new research has found that the mere mention of a woman's name can temporarily affect a man's brainpower.

The Daily Mail reports a study at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands revealed that even in the presence of a female name on an instant message or text was enough to make an impact. The experiments showed that women weren't affected in any way by who they believed they were interacting with. However, casually mentioning a female instead of a male name was sufficient to impair a man's cognitive performance.

So there you have it. Every stupid thing a man does can probably be blamed on a woman. I KNEW IT!!!! Some questions came to mind while writing this:

Men, are you more likely to get along in a work situation better with a woman who is attractive or ugly? Do you find it easier to work with women or men? And finally, if you are married, do you become immune to the affect of a good looking woman?

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