My daughter turned 21 yesterday and my wife and I threw a party for her at the bar last night. This photo was taken around midnight, after maybe ten or so shots and the effects of the alcohol were really starting to kick in. Heheh. Sucker.

I'm not sure if getting completely wasted on your 21st birthday is just an American thing, or if it's the norm everywhere. I doubt it. In Germany, kids can legally drink with their parents as young as 13, and it's socially acceptable to let kids even younger to drink a beer in their own house at dinner. It's naive to think kids in the US actually wait until they are 21 to taste their first drink. We all know better than that. Still, there is something special about being able to go to a bar and order your first "legal" drink.

I was talking to some of the other parents at the party, trying to reminisce about when we turned 21. It was 1995 for me. Embarrassingly, I can't remember it AT ALL. I've long since forgotten where I partied, who was there, what kind of booze we drank or any of the crazy shenanigans that happened.  I have zero recollection. I'm sure it was fun.

Do you remember your 21st birthday? Is the bar you went to still in business? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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