Last fall, we reminded you about the impending time change... and talked about how useless it is to have the clock change twice a year.

If you want to learn about the WHY we actually change the clock twice a year, give that article a read.

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What GOOD comes from "Springing Forward"?

According to, the main reason for springing forward these days is simply... longer evenings. People in support of DST claim that longer evenings motivate people to get up and going, mainly out of the house.

And, you can't forget anywhere that heavily relies on tourism. More time to shop, eat, party = more money.

Plus, as another "pro" of DST... people get less artificial light and spend more time outdoors. Or, at least, that is the theory on it.

And, one that is a bit of a reach in 2024... is that lighter = safer. These days, our cities are decently well-lit... and that hour difference strikes me as something that isn't making a big change.

What BAD comes from "Springing Forward"?

For one, DST does nothing to save energy. Maybe years ago, without all the technology we have today... but that hour isn't making a difference.

Also, in some studies according to, people can even get SICK from the time change. Seasonal depression is a common issue with DST.

And, the myth that DST SAVES money is just false. Studies have shown that a decrease in productivity happens right after the spring transition... probably because we ALL want to be outside, rather than working.

Spring Forward This Sunday!

So, don't forget! Set any old, "dumb" clocks to be ahead an hour before bed on Saturday... and everything else will handle it for you.

Mainly... don't trust the stove, or microwave, on Sunday morning.

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