What Town Is The "Trailer Park Capital" Of Montana?

With the cost of owning a home skyrocketing in certain locations in Montana, there have been plenty of people who have decided to purchase mobile or manufactured homes.

Almost every town in Montana has at least one trailer park for residents to place their mobile home, but there is one town that has so many trailer parks that it is almost double the second biggest.

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A bunch of mobile homes in a trailer park

How Many Trailer Parks Are In Montana Total?

According to the website MHVillage, there are currently 307 mobile home communities in Montana.

If you had to take a guess as to which town had the most trailer parks located within it, I would wager most would pick Billings.

The town with the highest population means more people, which would theoretically mean more trailer parks, right? Wrong.

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A sign made from wood that says "trailer park"

Billings Is Home To The Second Most Trailer Parks

There are a total of 28 trailer parks in Billings, which puts them in second place.

Kalispell has 19, while both Bozeman and Helena have 18 to round out the top 5.

As for the Montana town with the most trailer parks, you have to head to the western half of the state, where you will find a whopping 49 total trailer parks, because as it turns out Missoula is the "Trailer Park Capital" of Montana.

If you're wondering how many trailer parks your hometown has, you can check out the full list from MHVillage here.

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