Recently I've noticed an uptick of people thinking they are somehow better than anyone who has piercings or tattoos... unless "it is basic ear piercings". For some reason, the boomer offensive is back on a tear toward Millennials and Gen Z for the way we have chosen to decorate our bodies.

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What Does It Matter?

My BIG question to all these boomers is simply "Who cares?". Here's a saying you are familiar with... "It's my body, my choice!"... just like with your choice to avoid vaccines, or your choice to not get piercings or tattoos.

Just like how it is MY choice to get piercings and tattoos... or dress the way I want to. You won't catch me dead in a dress shirt with a tie... ever... as it isn't something I want to do. Does this limit MY opportunities? Sure. Do I agree with it? Nah, but I'll go about my business elsewhere.

Why The Hatred?

It's funny to me seeing this start up once again because every time a Millennial or Gen Z person essentially tells a boomer they are no longer helping them... or they tick them off... suddenly they go at your appearance for not looking "normal".

Then again, these are the people who wore platform shoes in the 70s. And they were trying every drug possible while enjoying lead paint-covered walls.

Not to mention that these are the people who are worried about the designs we put on our skin... but insist on chain-smoking multiple packs a day literally inhaling cancer.

That Lead Paint Stare

Maybe I'm just a bit sour, but I can tell you, someone with piercings and tattoos is not someone to be afraid of. Nor, are we to be messed with. Remember, we're the ones who will be taking care of you in the old folks home.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have piercings and tattoos? Do you think targeting people for doing what they want with their bodies is wrong? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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