Could Montana Be The Worst Place For Working Parents?

It's no secret that having a child, or multiple children can be a huge expense.

Clothes, food, shelter all cost money, but one of the biggest costs of having kids is child care.

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In today's day and age with rising costs across the board, most families see both mom and dad working outside the home.

While sometimes it ends up costing more paying for child care, for the most part, a majority of families will be better off with a two income household.

But where does the state of Montana fall in the rankings when it comes being a working parent friendly state?

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Montana, Along With Other States, Need To Do Better

The website Select Software Reviews set to find out what states were better for working parents, and the results might not be what working parents hoped for in Montana.

While Montana parents can take 12 weeks of leave when they have a baby thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA, it does not have to be paid.

Only 11 states currently offer paid leave. Ask any parent of a newborn and they'll tell you 12 weeks is not enough time, especially for mothers.

While moving across America to a state that offers paid leave is not an option for most, those states will be ranked higher than those that don't.

So, check out the gallery below and see where Montana ranks when it comes to being a working parent.

The Best and Worst States for Working Parents in the US

A study conducted by SelectSoftware Reviews has revealed which are the best and worst states for working parents. By taking the average annual income for each state and comparing it against the cost of childcare, maternity leave pay and length, and public school rankings, SelectSoftware Reviews was able to assign each state a score. Let's countdown from the best state to the worst state in the US for working parents.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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