Don't take this article to heart if your city isn't ranked towards the top, or even worse if you're hometown isn't on the list at all. It's put together by non-Montanans so what do they know?

Because SOMEHOW Missoula isn't a top 3 city in Montana? I find that to be blasphemy. It's outrageous. It's unfair., a website that specializes in rankings and reviews, constructed a list of the best cities in America. The top 5 in the entire nation goes...

  1. Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania (Suburb of Philadelphia)
  2. Colonial Village, Virginia (Neighborhood in Arlington)
  3. Ardmore, Pennsylvania (Suburb of Philadelphia)
  4. Hyde Park, Florida (Neighborhood in Tampa)
  5. Penn Wynne (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Ok, what's going on with all the Philly subs (not the food)? There is no way 3 of the top 5 places in the entire country are in Philadelphia. They don't know squat, but let's read Montana's top 10 for fun joined by some reviews from real residents (spelling errors and grammar to follow).

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#10 - Dillon (Grade: B)

"I love my town. Dillon Montana is the epitome of small town life. Everyone is kind to one another, you truly feel safe and comfortable in this town."

#9 Belgrade (Grade: B)

"I have lived her my whole life - since 1992. It has grown SO much but still has a small-town feel. I enjoy the community love of our farmer's markets..."

#8 Polson (Grade: B)

"Polson is such a wonderful town to live in. Everyone is friendly, schools are great and there is always an adventure to find."

#7 Orchard Homes (Grade: B-)

No review is available.

#6 Missoula (Grade: B+)

Image courtesy of U of Montana
Image courtesy of U of Montana

If you feel overwhelmed by a big city life but don't want to live in a small town with nothing to do, Missoula is a good choice."

#5 King Arthur Park (Grade: B+)

No review is available.

#4 Helena (Grade A-)

Facade of the Montana State Capital Building in Helena, Montana
Credti: pabradyphoto, Getty Images

"I really love living in Helena, I have lived here all my life and have built a community of people I love and respect here."

#3 Four Corners (Grade: A-)

"Four Corners is the future of Bozeman, and that's a good thing since Bozeman needs a growth outlet. New stores are opening..."

#2 Whitefish (Grade: A-)

Winter Landscape on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana
ronniechua/Getty Images

"Beautiful place to live. Access to trails, Whitefish Lake, Flathead Lake, and Glacier National Park draw outdoorsy folk..."

#1 Bozeman (Grade: A)

Aerial View of Downtown Bozeman, Montana in Summer
Credit: Jacob Boomsma, Getty Images

"Bozeman is incredibly diverse for its outdoor recreation!"

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