Bruce Springsteen has recorded a follow-up to his 2022 soul covers album Only the Strong Survive, keyboardist David Sancious said.

In a recent interview with Mojo, the original E Street Band member revealed that a tour was being planned in association with the release, expected in 2024.

“I’ve just worked on Bruce’s sequel to Only The Strong Survive,” Sancious said. “He’s got 18 more covers of Motown and classic R&B. And next year, I should be touring the album with Bruce.”

Before the launch of the first record, Springsteen said he’d decided to change his approach to recording. “My voice always came second, third or fourth to the expression of [other] elements,” he explained. “But this time, I decided to… make some music that is centered around singing, around challenging my voice. Now, in my own memoir, I give my voice a little short shrift by saying I didn’t think I had much of one. But once I started on this project, after listening to some of the things we cut, I thought, ‘My voice is badass! I’m 73 years old, I’m kicking ass. I’m a good old man!’”

In the same interview Sancious – who left the E Street Band in 1974 but has collaborated with Springsteen on a number of occasions since then – looked back on being present when Boss named his backup group. “I’m still touched,” he said. “We were driving, thinking up band names, when we turned the corner onto my street, and Bruce saw the street sign, and kept repeating it. At the next rehearsal, he confirmed it. He said I was a very important part of the band and we need a name, and it sounded good.”

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