There are many things that make our favorite rock and metal songs ceaselessly important and entertaining, with songwriting being right at the top of the list.

Even so, certain lyrics can just as easily make a track feel significantly behind the times due to their controversial takes, unfashionable references and/or otherwise archaic subject matter. That’s truer than ever now, with society becoming perpetually critical of past transgressions.

Metal – in particular – has frequently been cited among the most negative and destructive types of music. While there’s plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, there are also dozens of crude comments that have become increasingly shocking and obsolete as the years pass.

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Even when a song confronts a controversial topic with a positive message, some of its phrasing may no longer be universally appropriate. Plus, many bands wind up writing about what’s happening at the time, which – decades later – results in charmingly antiquated winks to previous generations.

Look no further than the 19 rock and metal tracks here. Be they troublesomely offensive or harmlessly nostalgic, there’s no denying that some of their sentiments belong to a bygone era.

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