Despite the hubbub about so many rich people moving to Montana, the fact remains that the majority of Montanans are not rich. In fact, our beloved state frequently ranks near the bottom for salaries in many industries. According to the Montana Department of Labor's 2021 Informational Wage Rates by Occupation Report (lengthy pdf HERE), the median income in Montana is a measly $38,050. Click that link if you want to see wages for your specific industry.

When I look around, it often appears that lots of my friends and neighbors seem to have tons of money. Big boats, huge houses, monstrous campers, a couple of ATVs, and new cars every two years seem to be the norm for many. I remind myself that it's very easy to bury yourself in debt.

Credit: Malibu Boats
Credit: Malibu Boats

It's fairly easy to look rich.

I don't really consider these people wealthy, for the purpose of this story. No, I'm talking about the down-low wealthy. Those unremarkable-appearing Montanans that you encounter around town could very well be millionaires, but you'd never know by looking.

Here are ten subtle signs that a Montanan probably has more net worth than you.

10 Signs A Montanan is Down-Low Rich

The ones with the most net worth aren't always that easy to spot.

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