2023 Montana Gymnastics Championships in Helena

Gymnastic schools all over the state of Montana, showed up in Helena over the weekend to participate in the state competition including floor exercise, bars, balance beam, and vault. Little gymnasts twirled, pointed their toes, and stuck the landings to earn points for the state competition. Billings Gymnastics School did very well!
Depending on the age of the gymnast, they are categorized into gold and silver with subcategories of senior and juniors. Once the gymnast has completed a certain number of competitions in the silver category, they can move onto the more advanced level of gymnastics like the gold gymnasts, then onto Olympic training.
GYMNASTICS 2022-2023
Credit: Chelsey Jones photography

Our very own lovely Account Exec. Kristina Kuntz has a daughter who’s excelling at the sport.

Kristina travels all over the U.S. to support her daughter’s gymnastic dream. It takes a lot of organization, driving time, and money for parents to support this very competitive sport.
Tenley Kuntz (shown below) shows off her skills to the judges who base the score of originality, execution, and if they “stick the landing.” Tenley took home several medals  this passed weekend. Congratulations to Tenley! 
GYMNASTICS 2022-2023
Credit: Chelsey jones photography

Most gymnasts dreams are to get the gold at the Olympics.

It takes pure dedication, lots of time spent in the gym practicing, and of course raw talent. Kristina informed me that when the gymnasts enter high school, scouts will start to show up at these competitions looking for the next, best gymnasts in the country only to move families out to Utah to train in the Olympic gyms.
GYMNASTICS 2022-2023
Credit: chelsey jones photography

Here are the final awards from this passed weekend in Helena!

Silvers Placed 2nd in State
Golds Placed 3rd in State
First Place in All- Around in Silver
Tenley Kuntz (Kristina's daughter) (Senior C)
Lilly Foster
Janice Bellew (Junior)
Second Place in All- Around
Amy Schmidt

Let’s congratulate Billings Gymnastics School for their wonderful and honorable achievements this passed weekend in the state capital.

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