Billings Bars' Sports Loyalties
Ok, so I've heard that Tiny's is a Broncos bar and Bone's Brewing is a Steelers bar.  But what about the Nebraska bar or a Colt's hang out?
It's great to go to any old bar and see your game and most bars do show all the games.  But it's even more fun to head ou…
Where in Billings Can I Watch The 2013 Super Bowl?
The biggest game of the year is February 3 in New Orleans!  Where will you be watching?  The Big Easy is the ideal place but if you can’t make it there, there are plenty of places around Billings to get in on the action!  Check it out!
The 5 Worst Pickup Lines – Guaranteed to Offend!

Needless to say, if any man or woman tries any of these awful lines on you, just walk the hell away.  Imagine a huge “Warning” sign going off inside your head telling you, “Run Forrest, just run away,” from the complete loser that used it.   Of course th…