Before I get to the point of today's article, let me acknowledge that I understand that not everybody drinks alcohol. But I know many that do. That's why I'm asking today about which variety of booze you have a bad experience with and haven't been able to drink since that night!

And for some of you, there is more than one that you can't drink anymore.

I thought of this earlier today as the recipes rolled in to help with Paul's sore throat. Most of those included honey, hot water, and whiskey. And he doesn't have any whiskey on hand at home because he just doesn't drink.

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But back when I turned 19, that was the legal drinking age in the state of Montana. And my dad made sure that my first legal drink would be with him. So we went out to dinner and ordered a Harvey Wall Banger. It was a great experience that I'll always remember. But haven't had one of those to drink since then.

I also had a bad experience with Peppermint Schnapps. And that episode was so bad that I couldn't even eat the peppermint candies that you used to get with your check when you ate at Pizza Hut.

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I can't imagine the trouble you can find these days with all the different flavors of vodkas, whiskeys, and assorted seltzers.

But, for me, that was a long time ago. My issues now are things like not eating dinner too close to bedtime and being careful not to put too much hot sauce on tacos.

I think I like my life better now.

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