Yesterday, I was endlessly scrolling through TikTok and came across a video with an interesting concept... a local business owner put up a great sign about a "Husband Day Care Center", offering cold beer and football... who doesn't like that!?

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Honey, You Go Shopping

If you need time for yourself, or you want to go shopping, this local business featured on TikTok wants YOU to leave your husband with them! But, this got me thinking... why does Billings not have a "Husband Day Care Center"?

Well, technically, we do. With the opening of the new Costco later this month, you can always drop the husband off at Meadowlark Brewing right next door!

Or, if your husband is a bit of a child at heart... Scheels is a great choice, offering the indoor Ferris Wheel, a cafe, games, and more. Though, you might regret that... as he might come back home with a few new toys too!

What Other Options Are In Town?

As someone who doesn't have someone to take to a "Husband Day Care Center", I'm not the best at thinking up these ideas... But I know there are a LOT of our loyal listeners who are married. So, where would YOU take your husband if you need some shopping therapy?

Let us know where YOU take your husband, or what your solutions are when you need some peace and quiet, on our App Chat or on our station Facebook pages!

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