What the heck is a Vomit Fee?

Something that has been apart of cab companies, Uber, Lyft, and places where drunk people have traveled with has come full circle to restaurants in San Fransisco.

A Vomit Fee is a fee that companies implement if drunk people puke in the back of cabs or regular cars commissioned by a ride share company. It's a pretty necessary factor as it's for cleaning services as well as pain and suffering for the person carting around drunkies.


According to reports from SF Gate, Bay Area bars, restaurants, cafes are instituting a vomit fee for people during brunch hours while they are serving mimosas.

Local establishments are trying curb people from throwing up in public places when patrons do not realize they have had a few too many.

Particularly since the pandemic, they’re finding that diners, often ones in their early to mid-20s, are drinking too much and vomiting in the bathrooms — or even right on their tables. The burden on servers and staff to clean up after these public pukers is reaching a fever pitch, making it necessary for restaurants to take precautions and even implement fees.

If you are like me at points, it can get a little out of hand when you are having a great time eating brunch with a few tasty, tasty mimosas. I tend to gravitate towards the mimosa rather than a Bloody Mary when out to brunch with friends. Just not a fan of that beloved brunch drink.

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Should Montana bars adopt a Vomit Fee? It could probably help with public vomiting in the college towns like Missoula and Bozeman more so than the smaller towns in our state.

I think it would be funny to have the vomit fee show up on a receipt after blacked-out night of drinking. But, that's me, Mr. Funny.


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